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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Born in Blood ★★★★☆ | #COYER Book Review

Author: Alexandra Ivy
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: NetGalley- Kensington Books
352 pages

In a stunning new paranormal romance series—even edgier than her bestselling Guardians of Eternity books—New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy lures readers into the dark, seductive world of the Sentinels—humans outcast by their hidden abilities, treading the line between life and death, good and evil, pleasure and pain…

Born In Blood

Sergeant Duncan O’Conner has seen it all before. A beautiful erotic dancer is found murdered in her home—no suspect, no motive. But there’s one clue: she’s missing her heart. It’s enough to make the hard-bitten Kansas City cop enlist the help of a necro—one of the dead-channeling freaks who live in the domed city of nearby Valhalla. It’s a long shot, but desperate crimes call for desperate measures.

Unlike the other “high-bloods” in Valhalla, Callie Brown considers her abilities a gift, not a curse. But when she reads the dancer’s final thoughts, she senses a powerful presence blocking her vision. This is no ordinary homicide. This is the work of a legendary necromancer who controls souls. A ravenous force that will put Callie’s skills to the test, O’Conner’s career at risk, and both their hearts on the line…literally.

     When I was flipping through the NetGalley site and saw Alexandra Ivy's name I had to request the book. I love her Guardian's of Eternity series. After reading Born in Blood I think that The Sentinels series could be even better. I really liked this book. It had me hooked from the start. It's not really a fast-paced book but more like a mystery where you're trying to figure out what's going to happen next. Add to that a steaming hot romance and this book has it all. My only complaint is that the cover model looks like Anya and not Callie. Callie has short spiky hair and Duncan describes her as looking like a pixie. I guess that isn't as photogenic. I hate it when they do that!

     My favorite character in this book was Duncan. He's the kind of guy any girl would be happy with. A good guy through and through. Duncan and Callie have worked together for years and both have fantasied about the other through that time. When there's a really strange murder Duncan sees his chance and insists on going to Valhalla with Callie. Sparks fly and it's one of those sweet relationships that you don't see enough of in the Paranormal Romance genre. Of course with every book like this we need the enemy... so there's Zak and Anya. As far as bad guys go I felt kinda meh about these two. It's the classic take over the world scenario and I just wasn't feeling it.

     All in all this was a great book and I look forward to more from The Sentinels series. I expected nothing less from Alexandra Ivy. The concept of "high-bloods" and Valhalla was unique and refreshing. Especially since two humans could produce a high-blood child. To me, it seems more like The X-men type of idea really. People born with special abilities are expected to stay together in basically a city in a bubble not interacting with "humans" unless they are needed like Callie is to help solve murders and such. I can totally see something like this happening in real life because people always fear the unknown. The whole book except mabye some parts with Zak was very believable. The next book in the series Hunt the Darkness is set to be published in June of 2014.


  1. i've been wanting to start this series! I've been buying the books because all the excerpts and novellas I've read make me positive I'd love this series, I just never seem to find the time. so many good series out there.

  2. I'm not sure if I've read any Alexandra Ivy books before, but her name sure seems familiar. And your review makes me think that Born in Blood is the kind of book I'd really enjoy!

    Great going on the COYER challenge, Lacie :) Have a great afternoon :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  3. Sounds good! I'll have to give this one a shot!!


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