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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Book Blogger New Years Challenge Day 1

  1. Learn some web design- I want to make my blog prettier!
  2. Socialize with other blogs- I have a bad habit of reading blog posts and not commenting.
  3. Participate in challenges- I love challenges and they keep me motivated.
  4. Social media- I am terrible about updating Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Goodreads- I haven't been very active on Goodreads lately and I miss my friends!  
  6. Schedule posts- I have a bad habit of not writing posts right away and skipping to the next book.
  7. Update blogroll- I have added a bunch of new blogs that I follow but haven't updated them to the blogroll.
  8. Participate in more blogtours- It's fun.
  9. Make my blog a priority- As much as I love reading it's all for nothing if I don't keep blogging which I love!
  10. Participate in more memes- I love Feature & Follow Friday... I'd love to find more to add to that.


  1. For memes, I'd suggest Top Ten Tuesday - you can get ahead b/c they post the theme of the week a couple months ahead and it's fun to make book lists. Hope you have an awesome 2014!

    My Blogging Resolutions

    1. I had looked at that one. I think I will take your advice, thanks!

  2. I'm not much a meme blogger. I feel like they get a bit repetitive after a while, but each to their own right!

    Web design is great fun once you get to grips with it! If you're a perfectionist, you'll definitely find learning it rewarding :)

    I'm planning to socialise with bloggers more too this year. I've followed you on Bloglovin ^_^

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

    Farhana @ Digesting The Words

    1. Thanks for the follow... I followed you back. I'm dying to try to learn some web design but I find it intimidating.

  3. Good luck on all your goals! Blogging is fun, but it requires a lot of work :)

  4. Your goals all sound perfectly doable! Learning web design is aggravating as snot but man, when you can sit back and see the "finished project".... its worth it!
    Happy 2014!!!

  5. Yep I pretty much read blog posts and then move to the next without commenting. Time is more of a thing then anything else...

    Good luck!!

  6. Learning web design is a great goal. I don't really know any but is something I'd love to know more about someday. I think we all read blog posts without commenting sometimes but I'm trying to break that cycle too.
    Good luck with your goals :)

  7. I agree on the scheduling posts too. Have a great new year. :)

  8. I love your blog header! I really need to schedule posts too, but that would require I actually write them first, right? ;) Good luck with your blog this year, it sounds like you're on your way to accomplishing your goals already!

  9. PERFECT list!!! I'm so with you on the web design thing - I love doing things myself so I have more control! Parajunkee did my blog and she swears by for learning stuff - and it's reasonably priced!!!

    Now we just have to keep our lists in front of us so we don't forget ;)

  10. Quote: "Schedule posts- I have a bad habit of not writing posts right away and skipping to the next book."
    LOL. Have you tried jotting down notes while reading, so you have half the job done when it comes to the review? Though I have to admit it detrays from reading...that's why I first read the book for raw pleasure, then read it again for reviews purposes...
    A simple tool for graphic design is PhotoFiltre (the free version is good). There are a lot of tutorials on the net.

    Good luck with your resolution :).

  11. I really like Twitter, but I'm terrible at Facebook for some reason. I wish you luck with your goals.

  12. Socializing and scheduling are on my resolution list too! Being ore active on Goodreadds sounds like a great idea! I am a member of several groups but never commented in even 1/2 of them. Happy New Year!


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