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Friday, January 10, 2014

Reading Slumps

In October I wrote a post on reading binges.  You can read that post here.  A reading binge is when I start reading a series and can't stop until I've read the entire series.  Or, I'll read one book and as soon as it's done I have to pick up another book immediately.  I might even read several books at once switching between the books.  Or one on audio, one on e-book and one in paperback.  Yea I'm that addicted to reading!

But lately I have the opposite problem.  I seem to be in a reading slump.  I pick up a book, read a few pages and put it down.  Try another book and the same thing happens.  I've tried different genres, audio and ebook  nothing helps. I used to have reading slumps that lasted months but now that I have a book blog I'm worried!  I have enough reviews lined up that I can manage for awhile but my gosh I hope this reading slump doesn't last like it used to.  Especially with all the pressure to read and review books for authors and NetGalley.

When my kids were young I would go months between books and it would take me a month just to read one book.  Now I normally average a book a day.  I can't just take a break from reading.  So help me out people!  How do you handle your reading slumps?

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