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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Book Bloggers New Years Challenge Day 7

  1. Spoilers in book reviews.
  2. Bad reviews where the person never finished the book.
  3. Reviewing a book I can't get interested in.
  4. Netgalley pdf books that I have to read on my phone.
  5. Seeing 50 visitors to my blog page with one comment.
  6. CAPTCA- I give myself a set amount of time each day to read and comment on blogs... this takes time from other blogs.
  7. When I can't think of anything to blog about and I'm in a reading slump so I can't post reviews.
  8. Pressure to give a high star review because the book was an ARC.
  9. Embarrassing book covers... thank goodness for e-books!
  10. Authors who e-mail me books I'm not interested in reading without asking me first.


  1. Totally understand the embarrassing book covers, as well as the pressure to give a book a high mark even though you truly feel it doesn't measure up and have logical reason to back it.

    1. Also I really like your blog. love the umbrella as the pointer.

  2. Yes, I hate spoilers in reviews and embarrassing books covers can be awkward.


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