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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reading Binge

     I haven't posted any reviews in the last few days.  This is due to a recent reading binge.  What is that you ask?  It's basically when you start reading something you like then finish that and start another book immediately.  In four days I finished five books, one novella and two short stories.  I feel completely wrung out.  But that might just be due to the completely emotional roller-coaster the last book put me through!

     I finished off Table For Three and decided I just wanted a nice easy romance to read.  I finished off all of the Halle Puma series that I hadn't read yet.  Now all I have left is the Pocono wolves and the Halle Shifters. Then I kept looking for something to read like the Argeneau books.  Despite the fact that there seems to be a lot of people who don't like those books it's one of my favorite series.  After giving up I decided to just re-read the first of the Argeneau books.  Then I finished off the Stormwalker audio.  Then I again felt like I couldn't find anything to read.  After looking through all my to-read for this month I decided on The Sea of Tranquility.  Whew what a book!

     So here I am.  Completely exhausted.  It's the first time I have finished a book in almost a week and not immediately felt the need to search out what to read next.  Mabye I'll watch some tv or something, lol.  So yes, I do have a lot of reviews to write but I think I will wait until tomorrow.  Anyone who has read The Sea of Tranquility will understand why.  I just feel totally wrung out after that book!  After this long reading binge and complete silence from me on my blog, facebook, twitter and even goodreads and booklikes I have a lot of catching up to do!

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