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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finding Forgiveness (Poconos Pack, #1) ★★★★☆

Author: Dana Marie Bell

"Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, and male/male 
love scenes between two top dogs. Who knew Rock Paper Scissors could be 
such fun?"

     This is only the second m/m book that I've read.  The first was Lover at Last from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  There was nothing in this book that made me uncomfortable and it made me wonder why I never read any m/m because I know a lot of people who do.  Dana Marie Bell made this book just as entertaining as any of her other books.  The above quote from her website made me laugh because only guys would use rock paper scissors as a precursor to sex.  

     In previous books there's been a big deal made if it's even months before mates get together.  That pales in comparison to the 9 years that  went by before Ben and Dave finally face the facts.  A few silly misunderstandings that could have been cleared up in one conversation kept them apart all that time.  This one is a tear-jerker that's for sure!  I loved it and how fun it was as well.  Ben really annoyed me at the beginning of the book but in a way his behavior is understandable.  Dave was my favorite.  I liked him in Rick and Belle's book as well.

     While I did feel that this book could have been a little longer I was happy with the way it ended.  I look forward to the next Poconos Pack book that will be released next month.  Dana Marie Bell is turning out to be one of my favorite authors.  She has a way of making her characters so realistic and funny, it keeps me coming back for more.  Especially after other books continue to disappoint.  I know I can turn to her books and get a happy ending.

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