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Friday, October 18, 2013

Only in My Dreams (Halle Pumas #5) ★★★★★

Author: Dana Marie Belle

     A few months ago one of my Goodreads groups read Bear Necessities.  At the time I didn't realize that the Halle Shifters series was a spinoff from the Halle Pumas.  In Bear Necessities there is a big confusion with Chloe's cousins over who her mate is.  They assume that it is Gabe the sheriff.  I now understand that sooo much better now that I've read this book.

     Let me just start off saying that Gabe is an idiot in this book.  It also doesn't make Chloe look very good either.  What happens is that shortly after Gabe and Sarah realize that they are mates Gabe has to leave for like 8 months.  Instead of mating Sarah before leaving he thinks it would be better to wait until he gets home.  Then he quits calling her because he doesn't want to disappoint her by not being able to share with her where he is and when he will be back.  Instead he asks Chloe to befriend Sarah and keep her spirits up.  Chloe lets Gabe think that this is what she's doing when instead she uses her friendship with Gabe to make it appear as if they are dating.  She does this because she is jealous of Sarah's relationship with Jim, Chloe's mate.  

     A lot of the reviews that I read for this book were negative because of Chloe and Gabe.  I gave this book 5 stars because of the intense feelings that it elicited in me.  Seriously, I was shaking at one point I felt Sarah's pain so thoroughly.  Any book that can you make that level of emotion deserves 5 stars in my opinion.  Another favorite part of this book were all of the Orlando hotspots mentioned.  I live close to Orlando and it was really cool reading about places like The Rainforest Cafe that I have visited.  

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